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Hey! PG

Now renting a PG accommodation, hostel or room is very easy. No need to call too many numbers. No need to to pay extra money. Just search, select & book.

Hey! PG is an online platform to book a paying guest accommodation, hostel or room. We make living on rent affordable, reliable and flexible by reducing your overall expenses to 1/3rd .


Affordable- No! Security   No! Brokerage

Now don’t block your money equal to your rent as security & don’t waste your money in paying brokerage.

Thus we reduce your expenses to 1/3rd approx. Those who have lived on rent earlier know very well how painful is    to spend 3 times (rent+security+brokerage) while shifting.


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Reliable- All images and information about a property are real. Nothing is exaggerated.

You will get what you book. In addition to it Hey! PG provides you Entry to Exit assistance.


Flexible- Your money is transferable. Yes, you heard it correctly.

Forget those days to wait for 1st of next month to change/shift. Now you can shift from any date & vacate at any date of month. You can shift to another city or in the same city at different locality.

Your rent of remaining days goes with you & will be adjusted at your new place.